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Blog Introduction

11/22/2019 | Posted by  | 1 comment
Welcome to IT Legacy Today , a blog dedicated to IT Legacy System Modernization and Reengineering. Here, through the various post, we present Concepts and Plans and give recommendations, mostly for AS400 systems (or whatever name you prefer), so that you have a better option--rather than ...

Legacy IT - A Drag on Businesses – Mea Culpa

8/31/2021 | Posted by Jose Florem | 0 comments
Take Responsibility! If you are a seasoned (meaning older) IT professional, no matter what you are today, if you have been a developer, programmer, or systems analyst in the “old days”, you bear a special responsibility. You likely did the best you could with the available resources and ...

Legacy IT - A Drag on Businesses – Why, Why…

7/26/2021 | Posted by Jose Florem | 0 comments
Photoby Yan Krukov from Pexels But why are they a drag on the businesses? From the users’ point of view,they work—kind of, because they do produce results, and have been doing so for a long time. But are they effective, efficient, and do their best to facilitate theirwork? In the ...

Legacy IT - A Drag on Businesses -- Definitions

2/3/2020 | Posted by Jose Florem | 0 comments
It is recognized in the world—in business and Information Technology (IT), that “Legacy” applications (anything Legacy) are a drag on the companies (#). The functionality that these “systems” provide to users is often incomplete, more expensive than necessary, challenging ...
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