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Welcome to IT Legacy Today, a blog dedicated to Modernizing and Re-engineering "Legacy" Applications and Systems.

The core blogs are focused on specific actions (the plan of activities), as I see them, recommending to Start, Plan, Develop and Achieve effective application systems modernization through re-engineering.

Secondary blogs or sub-blogs are mostly related to the main subject, and may or may not develop into their own, separate blog. We’ll see how that goes.

Since most of what I do is based on the ideas of others and my own, these works reflect that learning (and un-learning). As a thank you, they would be explicitly recognized and referred-to when appropriate.

Blogs would mainly consist of a series of related posts, presenting and proposing a course of action to achieve a modern, re-engineered system--in a cost-effective way. I would also offer detailed project plans, which will be updated to your specific’s requirements and circumstances.

We invite you to make comments and suggest ideas and materials, and correction, that you deem appropriate as supplementary or complementary.

We trust that the material here is useful to you.  Enjoy.

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